About Me

Hi there,

I’m Apoorva Rao, let me tell you a little about me. Being the only child to my parents, travelling was something that was embedded into me since I was very young. Dad loves driving and we travelled all over India in our car. Our plans were always spontaneous. We’d decide to go somewhere the night before, drive down there early in the morning. Growing up, when normal children would watch Cartoon Network, I always watched travel channels. My favorite show was lonely planet six degrees.

After graduation, I decided to take up travel journalism full time, but right then, fate took me into modelling. Time passed by, after becoming a successful model I still really felt something was incomplete. I knew my calling was else where. I knew it deep down, I wanted to pursue travelling. It was then my mom co-incidentally suggested that I should start a travel page to document my travels. I just took it as a sign and that was when, @APYTRAVELSTORIES was born.

Travelling is my true passion and it is something that absolutely resonates with my being.