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Kondapochamma Reservoir – Hyderabad

After spending months at home due to the Pandemic and the lock-down, all of us can really use some fresh air and what better way to do it than a mini getaway out in the open, away from the crowds. I picked a bright sunny Sunday to visit the newly opened Kondapochamma Reservoir. Kondapochamma is around 50 Kms from Hyderabad.

The reservoir was quite huge and the views from there were straight out of a dream. It did not seem like a place that was so close to the concrete city. I felt like I was teleported to a whole new place all together. The reservoir was quite beautiful, reflecting the blue clouds in the water. There was lush greenery on one side and pristine blue water body on the other making it quite the sight and adding a lot of color and brightness to an otherwise monotonous lock-down routine.

Do plan a visit to this place when the sky is clear and blue. It completely enhances the experience. For everyone in and around Hyderabad who is looking for a mini getaway, Kondapochamma is a must-visit!

How To Reach Kondapochamma

Car/Bike – If you have a valid Indian driving License, The drive is smooth and almost effortless. You can take food breaks along the way as there are many restaurants on the way.

Cab – You could also hire a cab and visit this place

Best Time To Visit

Ideally, Pick a sunny weekday to get the best experience overall. Also it gets a little crowded during weekends, so pick a weekday early afternoon to have the place almost to yourself.


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