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Sightseeing In Old Goa

Old Goa has a rich history and magnificent churches. It was the capital of Goa during the Portuguese rule. It has history dating back to the 15th century . Located around 10 Kms north of Panjim, Old Goa was once very densely populated until it was struck by disease and epidemic in the 17th Century..

Time Required to cover the main attractions in Old Goa

I would suggest that 4-5 hours would be sufficient to cover all the main attractions at a leisure pace. If you have a packed itinerary you can also cover everything in 1-2 hours. Make sure you have a local guide with you.

Viceroy’s Arch

You can start your Old Goa tour right from this point. Right in front of the Viceroy’s Arch is the Mandovi River. The route taken by the visitors back in the day to visit Goa. This magnificent Archway was constructed in the memory of Vasco-Da-Gama’s grandson Francisco-Da-Gama in 1597. The statue on the top of the Archway is of Vasco-Da-Gama.

Church of St. Cajetan

This was one of the places I was intrigued by the most… St Cajetan is one of the places with a lot of speculations, mysteries and theories surrounding it. The architecture has similarities with St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral is said to be the largest church in Goa. This magnificent 16th Century Cathedral, houses the famous golden bell. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. It was on the feast day of St. Catherine of Alexandria that the Portuguese army, under the rule of Afonso De Albuquerque, took possession of Goa .

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the 7 wonders on Portuguese origin in the world. The foundation of the Basilica of Bom Jesus was laid down on 24 November 1594. It is the perfect example of Baroque and Portuguese style of architecture. The Basilica also holds the Relics Of St Francis Xavier.



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